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Committee & Council Descriptions 

Employees of AGC member firms are encouraged to volunteer for membership on the following State, Division and District committees. To volunteer, please complete and return the Committee Participation Form located at the end of these descriptions. AGC strives to involve its members in the Association’s activities and, therefore, encourages your committee participation. Please note that participation on some committees may be limited by membership classifications, expertise, previous experience, type of construction work performed, etc. Contact your Regional/District Manager or the AGC State Office for more information.


Associates Council (formerly known as the Service Providers and Suppliers Council)  |  Membership on this Council consists of Associate members. These associate representatives assist in the District, Regional, and Statewide programs and activities, as well as membership development. The Council members report on industry trends and keep all members updated on changes that are occurring. Members interested in participating on this Committee should contact their Regional/District Manager.

AGC Awards Committee  |  This Committee provides planning, judging, coordination and public relations for the S.I.R., Contractor, Specialty Contractor and Associate Achievement Awards as well as the Constructor Awards. It is comprised of appointed representatives of the three divisions and each AGC District. Members interested in serving on this rewarding Committee should contact their Regional/District Manager.

Fiscal, Insurance & Risk Management Committee  |  This committee meets regularly to consider financial, insurance, bonding and risk management issues and advises both the State Board of Directors and Legislative Committee on these issues. Seminars and publications on important financial and insurance matters come from this committee. The Committee meets at the call of the Chair.

Legal Advisory Committee |  The Legal Advisory Committee (LAC) is AGC’s largest Committee and is comprised entirely of lawyers, many of which are nationally recognized construction law experts.

The Committee serves as an educational forum on construction law for construction attorneys. The Committee reviews new cases of interest, proposed new legislation, requests for litigation support and amicus support, and regulations and government practices affecting the construction industry. Because the California Bar recognizes AGC as a Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) provider, MCLE programs are part of regular meetings and the annual Lawyers Legal Retreat. The Committee meets monthly, except in July and August, and alternates between Northern and Southern California.

In addition, LAC members contribute Legal Briefs, amicus briefs, and articles for AGC’s monthly magazine, the "California Constructor" and the "Construction Law Manual." Through the Legal Hotline, LAC members provide limited pro bono assistance to contractor members at the outset of legal difficulty. The LAC continually reviews AGC’s standard form documents for legal and statutory accuracy, as well as providing educational forums for AGC members on recent legal developments at District and State meetings. Members of the LAC assess themselves an annual fee (currently $150.00) to help defray the unique costs associated with the LAC, e.g. MCLE programs. Appointment is open only to members of the California Bar and by special appointment of the Chair.

Legislative Committee |  This Committee reviews and monitors the legislative activities of the Association. During a single legislative session, the AGC Legislative Committee may track as many as 3,000 bills. Committee members read, discuss, and take positions on bills as they affect the construction industry. Members of the Committee assist and advise the AGC’s legislative advocates and sometimes provides testimony before legislative bodies. Committee membership is by appointment of the Chair or the President, with emphasis on geographical and work style representation.

National Affairs Committee |  The National Affairs Committee is composed entirely of the elected AGC of America Directors from California. The Committee meets during National’s Convention and Midyear Board Meeting and twice a year with the AGC of California’s District Chairs, Standing State Committee/Council Chairs and the Executive Committee.

Open Shop Council |  This statewide council is responsible for considering issues of specific interest to open shop contractors. The council reviews such Issues as prevailing wage, training opportunities, and ongoing member education. Meetings are held at the call of the Chair, typically in conjunction with AGC’s State Board meetings.

Safety & Health Council  |  An active network of over 100 experienced safety and health professionals sharing technical and professional information on safety and health matters, Cal-OSHA standards and enforcement procedures as well as responding to member needs and providing practical and cost effective solutions to safety, health and workers’’ compensation challenges. Members provide representation on regulatory issues, develop and sponsor safety and health resources and sponsor the annual Safety Awards of Excellence. All contractor members are encouraged to have a member on this Council to keep current on Cal-OSHA compliance and regulatory issues and have ready access to Council members. Meetings are held monthly, alternating between Northern and Southern California. Members of the SHC assess themselves an annual fee (currently $175.00). 

Union Contractors Councils - North and South  |  Meeting regularly in their respective areas, these councils manage AGC’s collective bargaining efforts. Council members must be union contractors, with their power of attorney assigned to AGC for at least one of the basic craft Master Labor Agreements. District Board approval is required for each representative.


These committees report to one of the three occupational divisions. The issues of these committees relate specifically to their sponsoring division.

Building Division Committees 

AGC/AIACC Liaison Committee  |  The AGC/AIACC Liaison Committee is dedicated to maintaining good communication between the two organizations. Ongoing committee activities include development of additional Joint Recommendations that are primarily used by project owners and developers as a guideline in their construction programs. The Committee is composed of contractors and architects in approximate equal numbers.

University of California Liaison Committee  |  The UC Liaison Committee involves contractors working for the University of California with upper management within the University. Meetings have included the Director of Facilities Management and the campus construction managers. Agenda items have included such issues as specifications and construction practices.

Joint Engineering Division Committees 

AGC/American Council of Engineering Companies California  |  The liaison committee works together on commonly identified issues in order to promote a good relationship with the engineering side of the construction industry. The AGC/American Council of Engineering Companies California committee reviews issues such as streamlining environmental statues, liability, business insurance and standard forms of agreement. The Committee is comprised of contractors and engineers in approximate equal numbers.

Caltrans Liaison Committee  |  Perhaps one of the oldest AGC committees, the Caltrans Liaison Committee meets quarterly with Caltrans upper management to discuss issues of specifications, advertising, contract administration, and department policy. Due to the limits of time and format, this Committee is established by special appointment.

Caltrans District Liaison Committees  |  These local Liaison groups provide members with the opportunity to meet directly with local Caltrans representatives. They are currently active in the Los Angeles, Bay Area Region, Orange, San Bernardino, Fresno, Redding, and San Louis Obispo. These meetings give contractors the opportunity to discuss local problems with local management. Those who indicate interest will be provided a more detailed volunteer form.

Marine Contractors Committee  |  This committee is made up of contractors performing work on or over water. This includes such projects as wharves, docks, and breakwaters. It meets quarterly or at the call of the chair.

Piledriving Contractors Committee  |  Originally established to deal with the issue of air quality regulations, this group now discusses issues of foundation specifications and methods with Caltrans and other owners.


Greenbook Committee - Southern California Only  |  The primary standard specification for public works construction in Southern California is the Green Book. This is a jointly published document by AGC and the American Public Works Association (APWA). This committee conducts regular meetings to consider changes to this important industry document.

Construction Industry Air Quality Coalition (CIAQC) - Southern California  |  CIAQC was formed by a coalition of construction interests in Southern California to address the major impacts of regulations of the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD). Members located within the jurisdiction of SCAQMD should consider participation.

Construction Industry Air Quality Coalition (CICWQ)  | CICWQ was established to protect the construction industry from the potentially devastating impact of the rapidly evolving set of water quality regulations. CICWQ has positioned itself to take a proactive and pivotal role in the policy making activities of the Regional Water Quality Control Boards, Municipalities, local water agencies, State Water Resources Control Board, Army Corps of Engineers, EPA, and California Coastal Commission.

Construction Industry Force Account Council (CIFAC)  |  Formed more than 20 years ago, CIFAC exists to fight public agencies performing work with their own employees, which should go out to bid. CIFAC’s Board of Directors is consists of representatives of several associations and labor organizations. Though service as a director is by election, potential issues should be routed to CIFAC through your AGC Regional/District Manager.


Specialty Contractors Council  |  The Council was created to provide a forum for the specialty and subcontractor members of the Association and allow AGC to represent a larger voice in the construction industry. The forum provides members an opportunity to exchange ideas and review industry trends. The Council is open to all Specialty Contractor members. Typically, the Council meets in conjunction with the Association’s State Board of Directors meetings.


Each AGC District establishes local committees to deal with local issues. This is a list of committees, which exist in many districts, and is not intended to be a complete list. Contact your Regional/District Manager for a complete listing.

District Program Committee  |  Each District plans and conducts various events during the year. Typical are membership meetings, public officials nights and golf tournaments.

Local Government Liaison Committee  |  Liaison and advocacy with government is an important part of what AGC does. Numerous Districts meet with local government to discuss public works and local government issues.

Membership Development Committee District  |  Participants on District Membership Development Committees help direct the planning, promotion, recruitment, and retention of members and help the Association grow. Working with local Regional/District Managers, members set goals and develop plans for the growth in each area.

Student Chapter Liaison  |  There are numerous AGC Student Chapters, colleges, and universities throughout California. To create a cooperative relationship between local AGC members and Student Chapters, many Districts have active liaison groups.  

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