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AGC Presidents of the Past

Every year, AGC of California elects a new president to lead the association. The president is an AGC member who has demonstrated commitment to the organization along with exceptional leadership and vision. For the past 100 years, we have been building a legacy and our past presidents have played an integral role in the growth of our industry. As we prepare to install Mike Blach as our 2020 President, let us reflect on a few presidents of the past:

Jerome Di Padova, AGC Immediate Past President, Skanska

A Southern California native, Jerome Di Padova grew up around the heavy civil construction industry. For as long as he can recall, he knew he wanted to pursue a career in construction. Di Padova first got involved in AGC of California around 2004, stepping up to serve as Skanska’s representative at AGC and later taking on the role of president in 2019. “Through AGC I’ve made incredible friends and business contacts and learned so much about many facets of the industry,” Di Padova said. “I’ve not only developed some great professional business relationships but made a lot of good friendships there as well.”

Walt Johnson, AGC Immediate Past President, KG Walters Construction

Walt Johnson has always considered himself a ‘hands-on’ guy. From his first job on a Sonoma dairy ranch, to the start of his career in the heavy construction industry running a complex water treatment project, and in the 30 years and countless projects since, he has never been afraid to get his hands dirty nor shied away from a challenge. “Because I’ve always been a hands-on, do-it-myself kind of guy, my leadership style is to lead by example,” Johnson says. While serving as AGC President he leveraged his can-do attitude to push greater member involvement and retention.

Mike Mencarini, AGC President 2017-2018, Unger Construction

During his term, Mike Mencarini committed himself to activating AGC members and growing membership. “We want to make sure that members see us as having met or exceeded their expectations, whether that is their experiences at meetings and conferences or the value they receive from AGC’s legislative, regulatory, legal and other core services,” Mencarini says. “As the voice of the construction industry, we know that our voice will only get stronger with greater member involvement.” Over the years, Mencarini has served in a variety of capacities within AGC and remains active in the industry to this day.

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