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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Updates

As we shared yesterday, AGC of California’s government affairs team issued letters to all counties across the state, like this one sent to Santa Clara County, urging them to update their crisis response to align with the governor's order. We know reducing confusion and ambiguity in this time will result in greater success and safety for our industry and the state. Please continue to check our county ordinance document for the latest county-by-county information. 
Until there’s greater clarity on which exemption list has priority, we encourage all members to adhere to the more restrictive list governing their project sites.

Additionally, our association is notifying owners of the memo that Los Angeles World Airports released to its companies who are currently performing work with the agency. The letter clearly states LAWA is aware of their status being listed as an essential business and is prepared to continue to move forward with business as usual. We believe that this will add another layer of clarification to all of our member companies and are encouraging other owners to follow suit. 

Yesterday, the governor's office added construction material suppliers to the essential workforce list on their COVID-19 website. The update can be found on page 3 of the March 22, 2020 version of the list here.

Our Government Affairs team is working with Caltrans to take advantage of opportunities that are presented with the traveling general public restrictions. AGC of CA requested that the Construction Division consider expanded work windows, project accelerations, and waive night-time lane closure restrictions. Caltrans and AGC are touching base on a semi-weekly call to ensure there are no issues with inspections, testing, or bid letting. If your company is experiencing any issues, please email Kate Mergen, AVP of Government Affairs, at and we can work with headquarters directly. 

AGC drafted a letter that is being circulated to owners addressing the concerns of our members around administrative management of compliance/document recording to allow for the release of progressive/final payments. We are requesting that owners allow for extensions around the submittals of compliance documentation. AGC is requesting owners relax contract compliance requirements in order to avoid cash flow issues for contractors, subcontractors and suppliers alike. 

We've become aware of some local law enforcement agencies requesting proof of "essential status" from our member company employees and workforce. AGC of California drafted a downloadable template letter (link will enable automatic download) to update, personalize, and use with your teams. This document is intended to serve as guidance only and does not guarantee compliance with law enforcement or local ordinances.

AGC of California received additional guidance from AGC of America on the recent Federal Paid Leave legislation, which provides further details on two important pieces of the legislation: 

  1. Small businesses with fewer than 50 employees will be exempt from the family leave requirements relating to school closings or child care unavailability if such leave would hinder the company’s ability to stay in businesses.
  2. The tax reimbursement mechanism for paid leave will be through the quarterly payroll taxes of both corporate and employee withholdings with an additional accelerated payment from the IRS if there are insufficient dual withholdings to cover the cost of the leave.

The AGC of California Labor Relations team also worked to gather additional points of clarification on issues members voiced. Answers to member questions can be found here. The IRS and Treasury have provided a website for further information. 

As we work through the state and local orders here in California, AGC of America is working to clarify the exemptions in the President’s orders during this public health crisis. To support AGC of America’s efforts to ensure the construction industry is deemed vital and essential during this pandemic and crises to come, join the effort here.

Negotiations are extremely dynamic on the COVID-19 relief package. Last Friday, AGC of America shared its priorities and policy proposals in a letter linked here to all members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives and received confirmation from key legislators and officials that many of our priorities continue to be part of the fast-paced negotiations. To support AGC’s efforts on this legislation you can take action here.

Our website features a COVID-19 resource page, which we will continue to update as more information and guidelines become available.