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Now Presenting: The 2019 Constructor Award Finalists

AGC of California's prestigious Constructor Awards program recognizes our members' achievements for their skill, unique undertakings and ability to address the most difficult challenges contractors encounter. Only one prestigious "Constructor" sculpture is awarded in each category during AGC's Installation & Awards Gala on January 31, 2020 at the Fairmont San Francisco .

Read about each of the Constructor Award finalists below. We will continue to reveal finalists each week leading up to the Gala where the winners will be honored in an “Oscar-style” celebration.


Construction Leadership Council of Southern California
Los Angeles Boys & Girls Club, Phase 1
The Los Angeles Boys and Girls Club (LABGC) serves more than 1,800 youth per day, inspiring and enabling youth in the community who need it most. The Southern California CLC partnered with the LABGC for a multi-phase project to: upgrade security fences, enhancing security at a vulnerable entry point for vandals; improving the baseball field infrastructure to create a safe and reliable place to play; building a snack shack as a means to increase income and teach on-the-job skills; and, building a storage shed for maintenance staff to secure valuable tools. The project has been a major success, with the LABGC improving their ability to serve the community.  

Turner Construction Company
UCSF Children’s Hospital Oakland Outpatient Center Two
Turner Construction went beyond the scope of work when working on the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland. Through extensive interaction with the surrounding community, volunteering and donations, creating two summer internship programs, and the creation of a Local Business Utilization Plan, the Turner team exemplified their cultural cornerstones—integrity, commitment, and teamwork. Turner created a workforce pipeline through the Future Designers & Builders Program in partnership with Oakland Unified School District and Littleton Associates, engaging students in the construction field. And together, employees and senior leadership completed an extensive amount of community service and fundraising to support the hospital.


Disney Construction Inc.
Highway 35 Washout Repair EA-4K8004
Disney Construction Inc. exceeded expectations on the Highway 35 Washout Repair project. Not only were they able to reach substantial completion on the project 86 days ahead of schedule, but they also did so with no recordable incidents despite an often seven-day-per-week schedule. This allowed them to reopen the roadway to the public as quickly as possible as the washed-out road was only one of two access ways into the community, and they maintained emergency access during the construction. The project - which included construction on major earthworks, a segmented pile, soldier pile, soil nail wall, a new drainage system, roadway pavement, and landscaping - was completed $18 million below Caltrans initial estimates, allowing them to complete work on another emergency project. 

Granite Construction Company
Lost Creek Dam Modification Project
The Lost Creek Dam Modification Project was a complicated and specialized feat that Granite Construction Company completed soundly. Due to the remote location of the Lost Creek Dam, the project required the use of specialized robotic hydro-demolition equipment designed for vertical surfaces. With this equipment, Granite was able to increase dam spillway openings, raise the crest outside of the spill section to elevation, reinforce the downstream facing, remove all unsound, fractured or damaged concrete and foundation materials, and protect the plunge pool area to prevent scouring of the foundation materials.

Herzog Contracting Corp.
Crenshaw LAX Transit Corridor
The Crenshaw LAX Transit Corridor was no simple task, but Herzog Constructing Corp. was able to complete the giant project successfully. Herzog was able to build 17 miles of new track through heavily traveled, densely populated areas of LA County, and construct six aerial structures through three miles of tunnels and across 17 at grade street crossings. They met or exceeded all local hiring requirements, training and employing dozens of targeted and disadvantaged workers while maintaining demanding work schedules. 

Teichert Construction
Turlock SR-99 Rehabilitation Project 10-1C1804
Teichert Construction demonstrated perseverance, quick thinking, collaboration, and flexibility during completion of the Turlock SR-99 Rehabilitation Project, allowing them to produce a quality project despite operational challenges. Challenges included traffic management, weather, narrow lanes, limited space for paving, change of equipment to work within confined spaces, and the need to crush material onsite. Thanks to Teichert, the project was a success and completed within budget and on schedule.


Shimmick Construction
Fish Passage Facilities within the Alameda Creek Watershed
Shimmick Construction proved during the construction of the Fish Passage Facilities that no matter the size, limitations, or challenges presented in a project they can get the job done successfully. The project was a major feat, requiring excavation of rock slopes, massive soil nail walls for shoring, stream bypassing up to 100 CFS of flow from the active Alameda Creek year-round, and forming and placing over 8,000 yards of structural concrete. The project was compounded by a strict three summer construction season timeline and dangerous construction conditions, including constructing the project alongside a cliff that only had a 20-foot-wide access road that doubled as a public access hiking trail.

Sully-Miller Contracting Company
Albion Riverside Park Project
Sully-Miller Contracting Company did an incredible job completing the elaborate and sophisticated Albion Riverside Park Project. Not only is the new 10-ancre space loaded with new features like a synthetic turf soccer field, basketball courts, softball fields, adult fitness equipment zones, playgrounds and communal plazas, it also features an underground infiltration gallery system with storm water storage to help retain contaminated storm water and keep potentially hazardous water from entering the LA River and Pacific Ocean. This was a major excavation and construction project that will make a significant impact on the surrounding community. 

Teichert Construction
San Francisquito Creek
The completion of San Francisquito Creek was very a complex project, featuring 32 different entities and over 60 decisions makers, all of whom had a stake in the project which Teichert Construction managed successfully. Also critically impacting the project, Teichert only had six weeks per year to complete work on the project in an effort to safeguard three endangered species protected by the federal government. Work in this area included a new PG&E gas main, new and taller levees, a new pedestrian and bike bridge, relocation of the sanitary sewer main, and widening of the creek. This required significant excavation and construction work behind neighborhoods and schools that included the mitigation of very large quantities of contaminated and unsuitable fill that were discovered during construction. Teichert was able to help all key stakeholders come together and work through challenges to safely and successfully complete the project.


Dragados USA Inc.-Flatiron West Inc.-Sukut Construction Inc., A Joint Venture (DFSJV)
Calaveras Dam Replacement Project
The award-winning Calaveras Dam Replacement Project is one of the largest recent dam construction projects in California. It included construction of a newly zoned earth and rockfill dam designed to replace a seismically unsafe existing earth fill dam. Throughout construction, the project faced many challenges but DFSJV took extraordinary measures to ensure the safety of its workers and a proactive approach toward environment protection. What’s more, DFSJV decided to accelerate its operations in order to meet deadlines and as a result was completed more than eight months ahead of schedule. 

Flatiron-Kiewit, A Joint Venture 
Presidio Parkway Phase 2
The Presidio Parkway Phase 2 project, which was the first public-private-partnership project for the California Department of Transportation, was designed to improve the seismic/structural integrity and traffic safety of the roadway. It was completed in a new way for several parties involved and presented many challenges, including unstable ground conditions, the protection and relocation of several historic landmarks dating back to the 1800s, and the coordination of various third-party stakeholders involved in every stage of the project. Despite challenges, the team overcame to deliver a quality product on time and within budget thanks to hard work, partnership and determination.

Kiewit Infrastructure West Co. 
Oroville Spillways Emergency Recovery
When nearly 200,000 people were evacuated from the city of Oroville and multiple downstream communities after heavy rains and snowmelt in February 2017 compromised Lake Oroville’s main and emergency spillways and connecting hillside, Kiewit rushed in to save the day. In less than 165 days, Kiewit repaired and rebuilt the 3,000-foot main spillway. They then completed the rebuild of the massive emergency spillway and the reconstruction of the nearly 400-acre site one-and-a-half to five weeks ahead of each deadline. This complex project is testament of what happens when an incredible team is assembled and races against time toward a common goal to accomplish amazing feats.

Skanska-Rados, A Joint Venture 
Exposition Light Rail Transit, Phase 2
The Exposition Light Rail Transit, Phase 2 project provided a much-needed public transit system connecting Downtown Los Angeles to Santa Monica. This complex urban project – completed amid an extremely busy urban environment with employees working on 25-foot bridge structures and trenches over 20-feet deep – was completed without a lost-time injury twice; a remarkable accomplishment despite challenges. Challenges included the coordination of over 600 utilities, including two miles of water line relocation and 1.5 miles of sewer relocation, supervision of many new apprentices, and daily air monitoring and sampling to ensure safety of surrounding communities. The project was incorporated into the city’s sustainability efforts and became the first U.S. mass transit project to earn an Envision Platinum rating. What’s more, the transit system has already exceeded its 2030 ridership goal of 64,000 riders daily, making it one of the nation’s most used light rail systems.


Blach Construction Company
Bechtel Family Center for Ocean Education and Leadership
The highly progressive, 25,500 square-foot, four-story Bechtel Family Center for Ocean Education and Leadership is the most significant expansion to the Monterey Bay Aquarium in over 20 years. Built by general contractor Blach Construction and designed by Mark Cavagnero Associates, the Bechtel Education Center was made possible solely through donor funding. It was completed on time, on budget and to LEED Gold standards. Through incredible teamwork, Blach’s intense planning, impressive skill and solutions-oriented focus, the ambitious project was completed within budget and schedule in just two years. 
The Clark Construction Group-California LP
Pacific Visions at the Aquarium of the Pacific
The Aquarium of the Pacific is known for research, education, and conservancy. Through the years, its mission has expanded beyond the oceans. The new Pacific Visions allows the Aquarium to make a case for the future of the planet, and ultimately, mankind. Clark Construction Group delivered the Aquarium’s first major expansion since its founding in 1998. Pacific Visions embodies the Aquarium of the future—a combination of aquarium, science center, art gallery, performing arts space, and a think tank to explore solutions to some of our world’s biggest environmental issues.


Hensel Phelps & Herzog, A Joint Venture
Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Division 16 – Southwestern Yard
Strategically combining experience and knowledge, Hensel Phelps and Herzog joined forces to create the Hensel Phelps | Herzog Joint Venture (HPH) team. HPH was successful in winning the best value competition for the $174 million, 18-acre Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Division 16: Southwestern Yard (SW Yard) design-build project. The SW Yard serves the new Crenshaw/LAX line that extends the existing Metro Expo line at Crenshaw and Exposition Boulevards in Los Angeles and merges with the Metro Green Line in El Segundo. The Crenshaw LAX line will offer alternative transportation options to congested freeways and roadways towards LAX. This facility achieved LEED Silver Certification. Over 75% of the construction waste was diverted from construction waste landfills, and over 20% of the construction materials used are from recycled content resources.
McCarthy Building Companies Inc.
University of California, San Diego Tata Hall
The seven-story, interdisciplinary Tata Hall for the Sciences increases the university's current research capacity, provides a showcase for teaching and acts as a new hub for scholarly engagement. The building’s materials are sympathetic to the context of the surrounding mid-century modern campus environment with a paired down pallet of glass, concrete and metal panels. To meet energy goals and enhance occupant comfort, several innovative glass technologies were utilized in the project. McCarthy successfully completed the project with zero lost time incidents over 359,510 manhours which earned them the Liberty Mutual Gold Safety Award; the only Gold Award issued in 2018 out of all University of California campus’s construction projects across the state.


150 Van Ness Apartment Complex
Starting in May 2017, ISEC Inc. began working on the 150 Van Ness Apartment Complex providing architectural woodwork, wood wall paneling, plastic laminate casework, wood clad staircase landings and railings, and custom aluminum sliding doors. While working, ISEC overcame many challenges, including working in the heart of San Francisco on an extremely busy site that required significant logistical coordination between electrical, signage and fires sprinkler subcontractors to execute the delivery and installation of over 80 truckloads of product. Despite working vertically in a 14-story building, with each floor presenting its own milestones and challenges, the project was successfully completed in June 2018.

Marina Landscape Inc.
University of California at Santa Cruz. Coastal Science Campus
In tandem with construction of UCSC's new Coastal Biology Building, Marina Landscape, Inc. was contracted to install over eight acres of native sustainable landscape throughout the Coastal Science Campus. Throughout the construction process, Marina was required to adhere to strict planting protocols to protect existing wildlife, minimize disruption to the existing environment and add only compliant plant material while adhering to a challenging 90-day single planting window from May to July 2017. Thanks to close collaboration with partners, Maria was able to engineer time and cost-saving methods to meet the project schedule and help enhance the plant establishment success rate. 

Royal Electric Co
Bidwell Canyon State Park
After the Campfire ravaged the town of Paradise in November 2018, more than 2,000 families required permanent housing as soon as possible. The first site available for this permanent housing was Bidwell Canyon Campground next to Lake Oroville, for which Royal Electric was contracted to provide electrical work. Royal Electric designed upgraded electrical infrastructure and pedestals at the campground, completing all work within 24 days - an entire week early despite heavy rains, challenging soil conditions and unforeseen existing utilities - so that families could move into housing as soon as possible.  


BrightView Landscape Development Inc.
Orange County Great Park Sports Park
The 175-acre state-of-the-art Orange County Great Park Sports Complex boasts venues to accommodate a variety of sports while also offering open space for fanfare and activities. The project, which started almost 20 years ago, allowed BrightView to leverage its expertise in national level sport facilities design, construction and maintenance while also creating a vision for other park amenities and attractions to serve the diverse needs of the surrounding community. Thanks to BrightView’s commitment to excellence, the 20-year project was completed consistent with the original vision.

Los Angeles International Airport United Airlines, Terminal 7 Terminal Redevelopment Program
ISEC Inc.’s work on the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Terminal 7 Terminal Redevelopment Program was a significant undertaking for the company. The terminal had not seen renovation since 1998 and needed 700,000 square feet of existing space renovations and an additional 20,000 square feet for United Airlines’ United Club, with the goal to improve flow and customer experience throughout the terminal. Despite challenges - including working in an active airport and terminal that never shut down and each phase of the project presenting its own individual challenges due to demolition and unidentified existing conditions - ISEC was able to complete the project successfully within an aggressive schedule thanks to teamwork, collaboration and tight communication from the top down. 


Dragados USA Inc.-Flatiron West Inc.-Sukut Construction Inc., A Joint Venture (DFSJV)
Calaveras Dam Replacement Project
The Calaveras Dam Replacement Project (CDRP) is a critical element of local water storage and supply for the Bay Area. Before constructing this project, the joint venture initiated a formal partnering process starting with the adoption of a CDRP Partnering Charter designed to establish common goals and encourage conflict resolution at the lowest possible level. The implementation of this charter was critical to the success of the CDRP team, as they encountered several major challenges throughout the project including Naturally Occurring Asbestos (NOA), a large ancient landside and adverse. Rather than retreating to their contracts and preparing for legal battle, the teams instead utilized the partnering process to find ways to collectively resolve major issues, build trust, and remain on-track.

Kiewit Infrastructure West Co. 
Oroville Spillways Emergency Recovery
In February 2017, Lake Oroville’s main spillway was compromised after record levels of rain and snowfall. Kiewit came together with the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) to tackle this emergency undertaking because the quantity of work was immense and the available work window was tight. Within days, the two parties met for a kick-off partnering meeting where the cross-team’s best engineers and construction managers assembled to develop a Partnering Charter, Issue Resolution Ladder and mobilization plan. Arguably the most critical outcome of this meeting was the development of a shared sense of purpose and determination to complete the project on time and within budget. This allowed stakeholders to work through 14 major plan revisions and significant scope growth that nearly doubled the project quantities. Despite challenges, project completion milestones remained unchanged and the team met or beat each schedule milestone and never resorted to any formal dispute resolution process. 

Teichert Construction
San Francisquito Creek
The Partnering Process was paramount to the completion and success of the San Francisquito Creek project. Teichert Construction and the Santa Clara Valley Water District developed a Partnering Charter that allowed 32 stakeholders to together for one common goal: protect neighborhoods and businesses from floods. Throughout construction, the project team was able to navigate significant delays and setbacks that would have delayed construction into a fourth season, including issues with PG&E, unsuitable soils, additional permitting and endangered species. Collaboration, communication and embracing partnering philosophies were critical to the successful completion of the project on schedule and within budget, allowing neighbors to San Francisquito Creek to have 100-year flood protection.

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